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Welcome to Annwn Estates.

We want to thank you for joining us this gloaming. Our natives do get most bored, and they do enjoy the chance to see new blood.

Watch the mists, for things unseen in the mortal world for many years live in it, myths and legends left behind by man long ago.

They have grown bored, and you shall provide them with their entertainment.

From hydras to Tuatha Dé Danann to firebirds and kappa, all of them live here. Spider gods and trickster birds and spirits who do naught but trade human souls. They live here as well, hidden, asleep.


Welcome to Annwn, where the dark whispers of myths and legends are still fresh in the morning fog, and where even the simplest of things can hold the strongest of powers.

Charms are your friends here, unlocking your powers and gifting with powers unknown.

Unlock the doors to Aillen and find freedom.

Welcome to Annwn.

We do hope you have an entertaining stay.

This is a game where you are limited in more that just a lack of information. Your powers are limited to human levels, your ability use has dropped to three times a day. You do, however, have an advantage. Charms are everywhere, and with each charm comes a special ability of some kind that you can use once it's clipped onto one of the six small rings of your collar. You might be able to phase through a wall, or understand the language of animals. Anything is possible with charms, including the use of your normal powers. If you find the charms for that at least.

Of course, charms will also give you a chance to leave, if you can figure out how.

Com for announcements and discussion: aillen_sol_ooc
Com for anything over an R rating: aillen_sol_smut
Information and maps: annwns_list

Game Masters
AIM SN: ZackaryCloud
Area: Player questions

AIM SN: Horneddesire
Area: Technical Details

Lurkers are welcome! However, only character journals will be allowed to join the main community.

1. First things first. In character things are what go on this community. If you have something out of character to share, be it art, a question, a possible scene you want to work through, you take that to aillen_sol_ooc. Likewise, that's where the mod announcements will be posted, so keep an eye out.

2. No god-moding, no meta. This means you don't take control of other characters without the players permission, and you certainly never have them do something that they never would when it is not your character. Also, you don't have your character know things you as a player know.

3. There is an In Character and Out of Character line! Something the character does or believes does not automatically transfer to the player. Likewise, a character should not have the beliefs and opinions of the player unless it is in character for that to happen. Please respect each other and keep conflicts where they started, be that in character, or as players.

4. No porn on this community, please! Not to say that your character can't have relations with another, but we have a community specifically for that. So if your characters start to get hot and bothered, please take it over to aillen_sol_smut. Leave a link in both the new post and the old thread, put the pairing in the post, and lock the porn. This way nobody will see anything they don't want to, and those who feel responsible enough to, can.

5. Now, none of you take this badly, but there will be limits placed on how bad your typing can be before we have to ask you to leave. If every other word is misspelled or has typos, then we will ask you to go. The same applies for l33t speak, which we have no intention to allow at all.

6. You cannot just kill another person's character. Unless you ask and make arrangements beforehand with the other player, this will never be allowed, as this is a no kill community. Please keep that in mind.

7. There will likely be a chat open at all times once the game gets going, and people will be perfectly welcome to go there to coordinate or talk on something a bit quicker than the out of character community. This is not, however, leave to be rude to others, nor to start drama. If one of the GMs tells you to tone it down, then please, just do it, and if you have a question about what you did, take it to private messages so chat can stay an open and friendly place.

8. Once accepted, be sure to follow the things listed over here.

Application Guide: Read this before applying.


We are now accepting applications.

D. Gray-man

Allen Walker (Post series AU): cursed_walker | (dancevdragon)
Bookman "Pan" (Pre series concept): primepandapwnz | (kiarae29)
Kanda Yuu (Post series AU): runedexexorcist | (dancevdragon)
Rabi (Phoenix verse AU): lady_hammer | (dancevdragon)

Final Fantasy Seven

Cloud Strife (Post Advent Children): fenrir_lover | (kemis)
Reno (Advent Children): redhead_jackass | (shinrabitchreno)
Yuffie Kisaragi (Dirge of Cerberus): materialesque | (nezure)
Zack Fair: honorablefool | (forgottenlover)


Puck/Owen Burnett: calculateapathy | (matchstick)

Paradise Kiss

Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto: paradisekissu | (tanzensiemit)

Star Wars

Ailynn Telcontar/Darth Revan: revansremnant | (tripoverhercats)

Tokyo Babylon

Hokuto Sumeragi (manga): fashionabletwin | (purple_alicorn)

Vagrant Story

Sydney Losstarot: rood_bearer | (pegunicent)

Yami no Matsuei

Hisoka Kurosaki: empathshinigami | (purple_alicorn)

Original/Crossover Characters

Adelbert Steiner (FF9/DGM): noah_knight | (matchstick)
Johnny Scourge: littlethirteen | (qc_heartless)
Kitty, Speciman Z-4-K: kitty_z4k | (icedark_elf)
Maruset Valentine (Plural FF7 mix): maruset | (icedark_elf)
Sora Valentine (KH/plural FF7 mix): doompockets | (forgottenlover)