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Aillen Sol

Day 1; Afternoon, Second floor, Room 35

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Aillen Sol

Day 1; Afternoon, Second floor, Room 35

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She had been pelting towards Tiki, she remembered this rather well. She had been intending to pound his face in with her hammer until he twitched and couldn’t move anymore. Rabi cursed as she put a hand to her forehead and groaned softly at the ache in her head. So why did it feel like she was in a room? A bedroom no less? (She prayed this wasn’t one of those dreams, she’d had enough of those during puberty to last her a long time.)

The girl snorted faintly as she pushed her hair out of her face and propped herself up. After a moment she opened her eye and blinked at the surroundings while feeling for her weapon. It was gone and her throat felt constricted slightly. Confused she patted it and discovered a seamless collar on it. Okay that was not cool, she wasn’t a pet. (Though lord knew Bookman had threatened to do this with how flighty and bouncy she tended to be.)

Kanda wouldn’t pull this stunt and Allen…she paused her fighting with the collar to stare at the wall. She couldn’t quite wrap her mind about what Tiki had said. Was Allen alive? Was he really alive and well? She sighed as she rolled out bed and adjusted her coat. The bookman’s apprentice hoped the boy was, he was a friend and no one deserved to die like that. Feeling a bit sobered she walked out of the room and into the hall.
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