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Aillen Sol

Within the House of Annwn

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Aillen Sol


April 10th, 2007

"Well now, we don't want you to go hungry, and so many of you do seem to be taking your sweet time. So for now, everyone gets a little...assistance coming to meals."

Again there was a smug chuckled, and everyone found themselves together with the food, though a few had already been there.

"Do remember, you have the chance at new toys come meals, though I won't be helping you to all of them."

(You were teleported to the open area over here.)

April 4th, 2007

((From here))

"It was a pain in the ass." He paused at that question and actually thought about it for a moment. Were they sentient? They caused trouble, smashed things, and all because of Komui's orders most of the time. The more he considered it as he continued walking towards his room, the more he became paraniod of machines. "...I don't know." Kanda shook his head faintly as he clawed at the collar again. "Similiar, I think."

April 1st, 2007

She had been pelting towards Tiki, she remembered this rather well. She had been intending to pound his face in with her hammer until he twitched and couldn’t move anymore. Rabi cursed as she put a hand to her forehead and groaned softly at the ache in her head. So why did it feel like she was in a room? A bedroom no less? (She prayed this wasn’t one of those dreams, she’d had enough of those during puberty to last her a long time.)

Wake up callCollapse )
Sydney wandered (glided) back into the house, plans formulating in his mind for playing with the new toys gifted to him and 'testing' the limits of this new vulnerability. Hardin, were he there, would have that hunted hare look, trying to second guess Sydney's next five moves. But of course, Hardin isn't there.

"I really am going to *never* get used to that." He contemplated the food laid out and tried not to think to much about his friend. Hardin was a soldier, the man would be alright.

March 30th, 2007

"Well, children, if you aren't too busy with your explorations, please, feel free to return to kitchen for your noonday meal. We have a fine selection of cold meats and cheeses, and several lovely soups. Plus there's always the off chance of a gift, possibly, and the conversation of your lovely companions. This is the last chance to eat before dinner, do take advantage of it."

The smooth voice of the genie filled the entire building and drifted around outside.

March 26th, 2007

He descended the stairs and let his eyes adjust to the relative-in-reference-to-the-kitchen darkness. Three doors. He tested each and found them locked, whatever lay beyond them guarded possibility. Like the labyrinth beneath the Duke's holding, or the catacombs of Lea Monde? The bodies of the failures previously kept here, or aged spirits? Both?

He wasn't a cat, and he wouldn't risk the one life he had when so much lay on his shoulders already, but he was intrigued. There was no reason to lock a door unless the contents behind it were dangerous, or valuable. And since the prisoners couldn't *steal*...

There was no telling odor of rot or decay, no blood or hate embedded in the walls. Not that he could tell at least. Which was another thing to note for later speculation.

But for now, there was no reason to stay here. Unless he wanted to brood. A decided possibility, later.
Following after Zack, Cloud walked out of the door leading outside to the patio, his eyes scanning the grounds. The estate was... big. There was an area littered with what looked like weirdly shaped bushes and he could see the roof of a small building peeking behind from what seemed like a hedge wall. A path lead to it from the house. There was what seemed a pond too on the edge of his vision, but he couldn't tell because it was mostly hidden by the house. And lots, lots of flowers, everywhere he could see.

He had definitely been in worse places than this, he decided. As far as prisons went, this was not bad at all.

March 12th, 2007

All Floors

"Well, now, since all of you seem to be taking your time, I think I'll hurry this process along a bit."

The voice was amused and there was a loud snap, then everyone in the house found themselves together in one room.

((All right everyone, you were collected and taken to the Breakfast Nook, thread found here. Hope on in.))

March 10th, 2007

Third Floor

As he woke up, Hisoka knew that he wasn't where he had fallen asleep. The voice that had spoken a moment ago was one clue, as was the fact that he was in a bed when he clearly remembered falling asleep on the couch.

Continuing to feign sleep, he tried to gain information about the room. He could tell that he was fully dressed, he thought in his jeans and a long sleeved shirt, and was lying on a soft bed. He couldn't hear any other sounds other than his breathing, and he thought he could smell something cooking. He could feel... nothing. This was so unexpected that he immediately opened his eyes and shot upright.

Yes, it appeared that his gift was showing that either he was totally alone, which as he had heard someone's voice did not seem likely, or that it was for some reason not working. Replaying the what the voice had said, he remembered it saying something about "a clue or two" to what had happened if he came to it.

Looking around the room he saw that there were two doors, and three curtained windows. Opening a curtain, he could see that that outside his room was a covered balcony area, and beyond that appeared to be the grounds of a garden. Dropping the curtain, next he opened the doors, seeing that one lead to a bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink and the other to a corridor.

Deciding that there was no more to be gained by staying in the room, he entered the corridor, and saw that there appeared to be a door to the balcony on his left. Trying it, he felt a sharp shock around his neck. Lifting a hand to his throat, he felt a collar around his neck, with am object attached to it. Hisoka felt for a catch, but could not seem to find one.

Seeing that obviously he couldn't get outside via this way, he turned the other way down the corridor, and by taking a few turns here and there finally found a set of stairs and descended down them. As he reached the lower floor he thought he say someone else moving.

(eta: continues at http://community.livejournal.com/aillen_sol/871.html?thread=15463#t15463 on the second floor post)

March 9th, 2007

Second Floor

He woke up to the sound of a voice he didn't know. Looking around, he realized this wasn't his room at Landels. Or the lab, either.

Curious, he slunk off the bed and out the door. Oh, okay, that was a bathroom. Trying again, he found a hallway. Giving a soft mrowl, he moved down the hall, trying to figure out where he was now.

March 6th, 2007

Ground Floor

(All indoor posts for the ground floor will be placed here please, just use the title of the thread to indicate where you are. We're just getting started so I'm sure we'll all find a good system soon.)

A voice echoed through the rooms, people being woken on beds and couches where they more than likely hadn't been on one before. It was a voice that sounded remarkably like Tim Curry actually. "Guests! Everyone, time to wake up! Come to get breakfast and I'm sure there might be a clue or two I can give you about what's going on. Just follow the sound of my voice~."

There was a quiet laugh, but any who followed the voice actually could, little singsonging leading the way off to the breakfast nook.
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